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Hunting Hat

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NIGHT VISION CAPS Green LEDs preserve night vision. Independent Under-The-Brim Switches for White and Green Lighting Options on PS6-133 and PS6-164 models.

POWERCAP Night Vision Features:

  • 6 Ultra bright LEDs concealed under brim
    • 3 Green LEDs to preserve night vision, will not spook game, 12 lumens, 20 meters of light field
    • 3 white LEDs for task lighting, 25 lumens, 19 meters of light field
  • 50 hours run time (white LEDs)
  • 61 hours run time (green LEDs)
  • Separate switches for green and white lighting option

The Best Cap For: 

  • Fishing at Night
  • Early Morning Hunting
  • Blood Tracking