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4 ULTRA-BRIGHT LEDs UNDER THE BRIM POWERCAP 5 Panel LED Lighted Running Hats Combine Patent Pending Ultra Bright LED technology with the stylish running hats to create the perfect runners lighting system.

These hats utilize the latest in lightweight, moisture wicking fabrics and performance sweatbands to make this one of the best performing running hats you will find anywhere.

Brighter, Lighter and more stylish than a traditional headlamp, the 4 LED's are concealed under the brim so the hat looks just like any other hat until you need to turn them on. When you do click the easy on/off switch under the brim, you'll notice that the wide angle LED's are angled down at 25 degrees to light up where your footfall area, while the narrow angle LED's are aimed forward to light up where you are going up to 22 meter light field

Made of lightweight, breathable microfiber material for comfort while running.  Fits men and women.

  • 4 Ultra bright LEDs concealed under brim
    • 2 LEDs angled downward to light up your path
    • 2 LEDs forward for distance lighting and to be seen
  • All on/off switch for maximum illumination
  • 68 hours run time
  • 48 lumens
  • 22 meter light field

Recommended uses:

  • Training
  • Overnight Races
  • Charity Events
  • Safety to be seen
  • Marathons