I just received my hat and I love it. -Stacy

My husband never likes anything I buy him, but he loves his lighted fishing hat. -Julie

I used to have a flashlight in every room of the house now I have one everywhere I go.  This is the most useful product I have ever purchased. -Mike, age 73

Your fishing hat is truly amazing.  I use the green lights when driving the boat.  The white lights light up the entire rear deck and allow me to keep both hands on the fishing rod. -John 

I use my hat every night when I walk the dog.  The hat lights up the entire sidewalk and the cars can see me and my black dog when we cross the road. Thanks! -Cherie

For the past 12 years I've had trouble reading my approach plates and checklist when flying my C-172 at night.  Now I can easily read anything and my hands never leave the controls.  Preflighting is so easy now that I don't have to hold a flashlight.  Your hat and my GPS are the best things I have ever bought. -Jason

I purchased your hats for my entire delivery staff.  Customers love to have the charge receipts lit up when signing.  Since they started using the hat, I have had no injuries or losses from dark walkways. -Joe's Pizza

Every time I worked on my car I always burnt myself several times with the hot drop light and I could never get the light where I needed it.  Purchasing a cap light solved all my problems and I have full use of both hands.  You have an great product and you can't beat the price- Larry

When the lights went out during a storm my wife and I put on our hats and could walk anywhere in the house without any problems- Hugh